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  "HAPPIER THAN BEFORE"Fang said her company, Anhui Home & Fun Arts and Crafts Co. Ltd, utilized 1,000 tonnes of straws every year, notching up a total of 15 million U.S. dollars as of 2018 on exporting about 3,000 kinds of products to more than 30 countries and regions.

  The making of the map has been an adventure in its own right and has inspired him to greater ambition both in printmaking and in his travels, according to Barrat.Xi had lunch with soldiers in a canteen and asked about their life and training.

  The performances began with "Ode to the Red Flag," with more than 3,000 performers carrying light panels portraying a huge national flag, and scenes of soldiers guarding the flag and children saluting the flag.Migdrol said he has passed on the practice to six of his disciples.

  Dating from the 5th to 11th centuries, the majority are in Chinese, but some are represented in other languages such as Khotanese and Hebrew."Thanks to mobile internet technologies, assimilating Chinese classics is more interactive. We hope this can help promote our culture around the world," Hu added.

  The life of the 44-year-old Kenyan began to change when scientists from the Sino-Africa Joint Research Center (SAJOREC) with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) discovered that the local moringa was rich in selenium and had great market potential due to its health benefits after a farm produce investigation in 2015.At present, the situation on the Korean Peninsula faces an important opportunity for easing tension and dialogue, Xi said, noting that China spoke highly of the ROK's efforts and is willing to work with the international community to promote the political settlement of the Korean Peninsula issue, combining China's "dual-track approach" with helpful proposals from all sides.

  Earlier this month, China's central authorities approved the 2018-2035 master plan for Xiongan.Teng is part of a growing trend that has seen more marathon runners travel across the country to race since 2015.

  "I would like to visit the kite factories here and look into sales opportunities," he said, adding that he would like to cooperate with local manufacturers in the future."I saw huge improvement in the city's roads and greenbelts, and citizens took more pride in their city," he said. "After the games, Qingdao became better known and tourists swarmed in to look at the Olympic sailing center and other nearby places."

  "Such transformations cannot be achieved without the convenient delivery service and people's growing awareness that time costs," said Wang.The projected GDP expansion rate will still be one of the fastest worldwide, lending new steam to the recovering global economy.

  Though in the crosshairs of the trade frictions, multinationals still consider China a compelling destination for its strong domestic consumption demand and business environment.The two leaders agreed to forge ahead with the efforts in building a community with a shared future for the two countries and work together to usher in a new era for bilateral ties.

  By 2025, China expects to effectively control plastic pollution, substantially reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills of key cities, establish a complete plastics management system and make progress in the development of alternative products.The program also gained support from the World Food Programme, the World Bank, International Fund for Agricultural Development and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

  Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee with comrade Xi Jinping, who was re-elected president unanimously, at the core, such pledges will be fulfilled to benefit China and the world.Ni credited the drop in numbers to the anti-poverty campaign, urbanization, and rural revitalization strategy, which helped urban migrants bring their children to the cities, or inspired them to return to start their own businesses in the countryside.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 NextThe development of computer technology and artificial intelligence is leading to smarter living too.

  BEIJING, May 8 (Xinhua) -- The Mombasa-Nairobi railway in Kenya will begin trial operations this month after the project started two and a half years ago, which used Chinese expertise and technology.Purely organic and tasty, Timor-Leste's civet coffee is of high quality, but for a small country with a population of around 1.3 million, its annual output is only several hundred kilos.

  SHANGHAI, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- Shanghai math teacher Zhang Yuhong is busy preparing herself for her third journey teaching in Britain next January.The CPC leader dealt with the core problems facing the economy which might stagnate growth and pledged to continue supply-side structural reform, enhance risk control, improve macro regulation, ease market access and boost innovation, said Liu.

  The preliminary list of candidates was shortened to 60 after a comprehensive selection process by the CPC Shaanxi provincial committee to ensure broad coverage and proper structure of the candidates."I see consumption powering ahead despite the economic uncertainties. Chinese people are really trying to open up their purse strings, they're spending more and saving less," Ulrich said. "People are not just buying goods, they are actually enjoying services. So travel, entertainment, healthcare and education are all fast-growing in China."

  "By making the previous two-dimensional obscure knowledge three-dimensional, technology definitely will make study more efficient," he said.Abdulaziz Raddad A. Alrabie, director of the Mecca office of Okaz, a Saudi Arabian newspaper, said the vocational education and training center is in no way a "concentration camp," but a school where people with extremist thoughts are transformed.

  "Building a high-rise begins with mounds of soil," Xi said, borrowing an ancient Chinese phrase to urge his fellow Chinese to take a step-by-step approach and work hard to turn the blueprint into a reality."She likes taking photos very much. So I applied for the free wedding photography immediately after I got the news," Zhong said.

  BEIJING, Feb. 1 (Xinhua) -- President Xi Jinping on Friday visited Beijing's primary-level cadres and residents in downtown neighborhoods ahead of the Spring Festival and extended Lunar New Year greetings to Chinese people of all ethnic groups.Speaking at the ongoing Another Planet Science Fiction Convention, Bai Xi, head of the CAST Department of Science Popularization, praised Hugo Award winner Liu Cixin and other Chinese writers for setting off a sci-fi fever that is inspiring the nation's youth.

  "I farmed for most of my life, and finally got a stable job like this," He said.China's SOEs now have 9,112 agencies across 185 countries and regions.

  The labeled images are submitted to quality inspectors who check 2,000 pictures a day. If one image is found inaccurately tagged in every 500 images in random checks, the company is not paid the original price. If the error rate exceeds 1 percent, clients can ask to change data-taggers."The United Kingdom is the world's largest exporter of financial services. Our expertise has helped to realize ambitions across the world of financing," said Fox, adding that Chinese growth has created a huge demand for financial services.

  Last year, China's per capita disposable personal income grew by 6.5 percent in real terms. The threshold for individual income tax was raised and six special additional deductions created, including for child education and treatment for serious diseases. This benefits approximately 80 million taxpayers."I advise some people from the United States not to try to outsmart the market, U.S. entrepreneurs or U.S. consumers," Zhang said.

  Researchers mainly studied three tree species that were the first to colonize the glacier sites. Instead of cutting trees, researchers got cross sections of rings by drilling timber core samples.Unlike previous two sessions, the election for the director of local supervisory commissions has been added to the agendas.

  Besides Feb. 14, lovers across China celebrate the traditional Chinese Valentine's Day, or the Qixi Festival, which falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.Although we are researching Chinese customers' preferences, it is more effective to work with a Chinese company that knows more about what Chinese people like, he added.

  "Chinese consumers now value quality over price," Xiao said.By 2035, the country plans to advance rural public services, governance and public security, and perfect the Party-led rural governance model which combines self-governance, rule of law, and rule of virtue.

  "I feel that all I did in the past decades was just preparation for translating this report, and I often feel that my Russian is not good enough!"With a formula inherited from his predecessors, Zhu successfully replicated the rough red glaze, which was extremely rare even in the ancient royal kilns. Its refined noble character quickly appealed to a large number of collectors and has been chosen as China's national gifts for foreign leaders.

  The snow leopard also appeared during this period and later spread across the world.Potatoes on the base are not only sold to large enterprises on the Chinese mainland, but exported to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Chen said, citing strong local government support.

  "It offers a new option for other countries and nations who want to speed up their development while preserving their independence; and it offers Chinese wisdom and a Chinese approach to solving the problems facing mankind," he told the delegates.Earlier this month, a plan on the 2018-2035 ecological restoration of Baiyangdian Lake was also approved by the central authorities.

  This is Xi's first home-court diplomacy since he was unanimously re-elected Chinese president in March.It is believed that with the joint efforts of China and Russia, Xi's visit to Russia will be a complete success, as it will promote bilateral relations to enter a new era and contribute more to the two countries' development, and world peace and stability, Zhang said.



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